Brittany Varrone's bridesmaids switched it up with varying shades of teal | Seedhouse Photography

Setting the Tone

Looking to give your wedding party a one-of-a-kind look? Using different tones of the same color for bridesmaid dresses helps to create distinctive wedding photos. Photographers Hilary Spillane and Kel Elwood offer tips on this popular trend.

- From a photographer’s standpoint, tonal dresses are a refreshing change from the traditional "buy the same dress" look. A woman dressed to the nines is so much fun to photograph because she is feeling her best, but the difference in the color makes for an overall gorgeous photo. It mixes things up, which makes the subjects feel independent and bold.

- The freedom to choose what you like and what you know looks good on you is empowering for bridesmaids and makes them feel amazing on the wedding day. We love to photograph confident women; it shows in the images.  

- Another trend is the “different dress styles for each bridesmaid.” This is such a great idea because we all love a different concept.

- This tonal trend is two-fold: Either you choose the bridesmaid dresses all the same style, but different tones of the same color, or you allow your girls to choose a style that they like in a shade different from the bridesmaid standing next to them. This can be quite tricky if bridesmaids don’t live close to one another. Going together to select dresses ensures there is no deviation from the original concept, and the bride has more control over the color.

-Black dresses are classic, but let’s spice it up, ladies.